Northern Arizona Technology Alliance – An Entrepreneurial Support Organization

People have been hearing about the work our Non-Profit, Northern Arizona Technology Alliance (NATA), has been doing to attract and develop technology in our region. Our primary goal and focus is to help businesses that are interested in technology as focus, or an aspect of their business find success.

The biggest way we are doing this is working toward the goal of helping to establish companies that have the greatest vision when it comes startups and entrepreneurship.

A few examples of local startups with vision are:

Some our local initiatives & partners include:

Our core effort will be realized in the support of businesses coming to found and build upon their founding here, in the Prescott area.

The Prescott Business Environment –

The current business environment, while for the most part heavily reliant on technology, is absolutely not technology producing. Most of our resources when it comes to technology are outsourced and much of the infrastructure is support by independent contractors who are stretched thin.

Prescott Employment by Industry

We’d like to provide better services for our community, and ensure that those who would like to live in our area, but work in technology can find employment. And for those that want to start companies here, join us and we’ll help develop your business into something that succeeds for you and the community.


Northern Arizona Illustration