Northern Arizona Technology Alliance

Norther Arizona Technology Alliance

NATA was founded with the singular goal of building technology opportunity in Northern Arizona. Creating cohesive and strategic programs for making our region more adept with the use and implementation of every day tech.


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Digital Technology

Technology is growing most rapidly in the digital space. Our location is ideal to serve a broad audience and help digital businesses.

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Prescott has a storied history as the host to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. As home to other organizations like Cobham and Eviation, our heritage grows even stronger.

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Northern Arizona provides a strong base for a variety of work opportunities. With a high quality of life quotient and a focus on making career building more accessible, we want to be the future of tech employment.

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Board Members

NATA Mission Charter

NATA has the goal of educating and raising awareness around the resources in the area involving technology. The goal is educating and bringing knowledge to both younger professionals and the business owners in the area of technology. NATA plans to create a sustainable technology industry by developing technical talent. Organizational goals involve consulting projects within the community, assisting in developing educational technology for youth, business owners, and the tech community at-large. Additionally, the objective is to achieve the development of resources for rural and economically self-reliant micro-urban areas in specific technologies that lead to economic independence. NATA is creating a network of individuals and businesses located in Northern Arizona in different technology industries and helping to create mutually beneficial relationships by providing networking events and engagements focused on development and educational opportunities.


NATA was founded in 2019 with the goal of establishing a key foothold in the American Southwest. Primarily, our mission is developing technology resources in Northern Arizona, with the goal of the organization focused on spreading influence and developing opportunity around the resources and opportunities to build technology companies. The core goal of the founding members is to unite the education communities, government organizations, and various private enterprises underneath a single charter and drive technological development in all of it’s capacities in the region.

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Northern Arizona is the Frontier

Northern Arizona has been a high growth region for several decades, bucking national trends for rural regions. As our corridor of Arizona has continued to expand with Flagstaff, Prescott, and the Cottonwood/Sedona area experiencing double digit growth, many areas in technology have lagged behind, in spite of high quality education institutions, as well as many other areas of opportunity. Technology until recently had not been at the forefront for the local population centers. Northern Arizona Technology Alliance is seeking to actively change that and redefine the region as a high opportunity center for startups and large scale organizations alike.


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